FroogleCall - How it works

Do you have a BlackBerry® and your bills are over the top?


There are different ways out there to make BlackBerry® International
calls and save, but FroogleCall’s way is better!

How FroogleCall works:

FroogleCall uses an application that allows you to make your BlackBerry® calls, even your BlackBerry® International calls through a Local Number. Read more.

You dial local and talk International
FroogleCall rewards you with low cost BlackBerry® International call. Because FroogleCall is routing your calls through local gateways, you dial local and talk International. You’ve never paid less for your BlackBerry® International calls!
Convenient, easy to use :
FroogleCall does not require any access numbers to dial, no PIN numbers to key in.
Make your BlackBerry® calls as usual
Dial any contact in your address book or call log without remembering the number or the phone card details! Make your BlackBerry® calls as usual and save money in the process.

Plans and Pricing:
Month to month plans, no long terms contract. Make BlackBerry® calls FREE for 10 days.

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