About MobileMiser
Developed for people on the go, MobileMiser enables you to save money with exceptionally low cost long distance rates, while keeping in touch with family, friends and business contacts throughout North America and abroad. There's no longer any need to wait to use a landline for affordable long distance calling. You can conveniently make low cost calls from your cell phone, wherever you are, to anyone on earth.

Successful telecom entrepreneur Rasool Verjee launched MobileMiser as a cellular long distance solution. As one of the early founders of LavaLife, North America's leading provider of phone and online Dating Services, World Phone Inc. and Atlas Telecom Inc, Rasool is always on the go, has no landline, and uses his cell phone for his personal and business long distance calling.

Rasool dislikes calling cards and feels ripped off by his local mobile carrier. So, he devised an innovative way to save on mobile long distance and airtime. Got a question for our Chief Miser? You can reach him at chiefmiser@MobileMiser.com