FroogleCall - How it works
Download FroogleCall directly onto your BlackBerry® and save up to 80% making your calls as usual
FroogleCall works with your existing cellular plan. To maximise your savings you may need to change your plan.

How It Works
1 Go to contacts and choose the person to call.
2 Press the menu button. To make your call select "Use FroogleCall" which now appears on the Menu.
3 "MobileMiser is connecting your call. Please hold" will appear on your BlackBerry® screen. Your call will be connected in seconds directly to the person you called.

When you "Use FroogleCall" the BlackBerry® calls a local access number and connects you directly to the person you are calling. You pay your carrier ONLY for the local call.

How to pay ONLY $75 per month for an UNLIMITED Plan
"I changed my Rogers plan to an unlimited incoming call plan ($25) and added My5 local ($10). I then made FroogleCall's access number one of my favourites and signed up for MobileMiser's Unlimited North America Plan ($29.95). That's $75* per month!"
Bruce Croxon, Founder, Lavalife
*excludes data, taxes and other extras they sting you for!