CallbackConnect - FAQ

How does CallBack Connect works?

When you sign up for CallBack Connect we assigned you a list of 25 Speed Dial telephone numbers. That is called a Speed Dial List and you can find it in your on line account.


To make calls you must associate the Speed Dial numbers with the numbers that you are trying to reach.


For example, associate your Home Number with the first Speed Dial Number 647-476-7071.


Add American Numbers as followed: 1 + area code + number
- e.g. for US/Canada: 14165487322


Add International Numbers as followed: 011 + country code + number
- e.g. for UK: 011442073005500


Now, for calling Home you will have 2 entries on your phone: the number that you already had, and the number associated with it from your Speed Dial List, e.g. 647-476-7071.


To call home, dial the 647-476-7071 number. You will get a bussy tone and the call will hang up. Since nobody answered your call you will not be charged for it. A computer will call you back immediately, and you will be connected with the person that you wanted to reach.


It's that easy!