How it works

(for any BlackBerry)
Download BerryMiser directly onto your BlackBerry and save up to 80% making your calls as usual
BerryMiser works with your existing cellular plan. To maximise your savings you may need to change your plan.

How It Works
1 Go to contacts and choose the person to call.
2 Press the menu button. To make your call select "Use BerryMiser" which now appears on the Menu.
3 "MobileMiser is connecting your call. Please hold" will appear on your BlackBerry screen. Your call will be connected in seconds directly to the person you called.

When you "Use BerryMiser" the BlackBerry calls a local access number and connects you directly to the person you are calling. You pay your carrier ONLY for the local call.

How to pay ONLY $75 per month for an UNLIMITED Plan
"I changed my Rogers plan to an unlimited incoming call plan ($25) and added My5 local ($10). I then made BerryMiser's access number one of my favourites and signed up for MobileMiser's Unlimited North America Plan ($29.95). That's $75* per month!"
Bruce Croxon, Founder, Lavalife
*excludes data, taxes and other extras they sting you for!

(for any cell phone with an unlimited incoming plan)
Take advantage of mobilemiser's callback connect and super low long distance rates, to save a fortune
Stop paying outrageous airtime fees! Only MobileMiser's unique callback numbers save you money
by turning your outgoing calls into local incoming calls. Sign up now!
Sign up here
With an unlimited incoming call plan MobileMiser can save you a fortune because EVERY call is an incoming call!

And, MobileMiser is far more convenient that calling cards and easier to use.

No access numbers to dial.
No PIN numbers to key in.
No Connection fees.
All prepaid minutes are yours to keep—they never expire.
MobileMiser's Callback works with all carriers thoughtout North America