FroogleCall - FAQ

How do I install the application if I don't have a data plan?

Bellow are the steps you need to follow if you want to install the FroogleCall application on your BlackBerry® and you don’t have a data plan (no browsing capabilities) on it:


1. We will send you the FroogleCall kit as attachment to an e-mail; download the kit and extract the files using “unZIP” or “unRAR”;


2. You will need to have the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager Application installed on your computer (if you don’t have it, download it by clicking on;


3. Using a data cable connect your BlackBerry® to your computer;


4. Run BlackBerry® Desktop Manager application;


5. Select Application Loader;


6. On the Add/Remove Panel click Start then Browse;


7. Search for the unzipped .alx file (see step 1) >>Select>>Open;


8. Press Next;


9. You will get a message saying “Your BlackBerry® device will be updated to include the following software: FroogleCall ”,  Press Finish.


A reboot might be required for the application to finish installing. Confirm your Switch Location accordingly to your local area, when the application asks for it.


After all the steps are completed, you will see FroogleCall Icon on your BlackBerry® screen (for BB Curve users it can be found in the applications and for BB Bold users it can be found in the downloads folder).


In order to make a call follow these steps:


1. Go to Address Book or your Call Log;


2. Select the contact you wish to call;


3. Press the MENU button (you should see "Use FroogleCall" on the menu);


4. Choose "Use FroogleCall" to make your call by pressing the track ball.


It's that easy!


You have the full tutorial as PDF file in the How To Menu.